Tile finds, part 2

Being the holiday weekend we kind of took a break. Plus we’ve reached a lull in the work schedule where we are mostly waiting for professionals (electricians, plumbers, carpeting, etc). We did go back to Floor & Decor to get some budget tile.

If you remember from our first journey there, they have clearance and bargain tile that is essentially cheaper than linoleum. So the old linoleum instead of replacing with new linoleum will now be tile. I’m excited to see how it all looks redone and upgraded.

Here’s the kitchen, mudroom, half bath tile. We went with a light gray. Light since the existing laminate floor is dark and gray so that it 1) ties in with all the wall colors we’ve picked out and 2) is neutral enough to go with anything else should we decide to repaint.

The kids bath linoleum wasn’t terrible but it could stand to be replaced, and with tile so discounted we went for it. A plain white since we’ll be playing with vanity and wall colors in a small area – really need something white to off set it.

Now just comes the hard labor of tiling all those floors. But we think it will be well worth it. Til next time!

Tile, Tile, Tile

Great Find!

As we go through the house we find little surprises of things left behind.  The half-bath has a medicine cabinet of half-used lotions and sunblocks (nay).  The laundry cupboards had miscellaneous laundry supplies (yay?).  The kitchen had a cupboard of paper plates and cups (yay!). The garage has had various things.  Good finds like extra floor molding (yay!) which will be put to good use finishing around the fireplace.  So-so finds like various mops and old baseboards (meh).  However, we recently found something great!  On the shelf in the back, a stack of brand new tile! 😀  The color is good, the condition is good!  Where should we put this wonderful (FREE) tile?  My first thought was the entryway.  Unfortunately, we’ve got just about 30 sq.ft. of tile and the entryway sans closet will be closer to 60 sq.ft.  Master bath then?  The WC area is only 15 sq.ft.  Something to think about …

Here’s a close up.  I am a fan of the color and design so a great find indeed.


Floor & Decor

Second tile find of the weekend.  We took a trip to Floor & Decor to get some ideas.  Check out what exactly you get for bargain prices.  Unfortunately, they do not have any carpet or linoleum.  We did peruse the tile though and found some really great deals in the sale and clearance section.  We were always planning on tile for the entryway.  At only 60 sq.ft it was going to be a little splurge area.  Well, we found these great guys at only $0.89 per sq.ft!  So … we get to have a tile entryway and stay under budget. Win-win!

Here’s the tile:


And here it is on the diagonal, which is how we’re going to install it:


P.S. The sale and clearance section of Floor & Decor was such a steal that we are seriously considering tile for the other areas.  The kitchen, half-bath, and master bath linoleum are in bad shape – stained, peeling and dog-scratched – but we didn’t want to budget for fancy flooring so we were going to stick to linoleum.  But now, with clearance tile starting at $0.45 we could afford to tile all those areas.  Sure, it’s more work but even with all the tile periphery (backer-board, grout, sealant, etc.) it will come out even or just slightly more as linoleum plus installation fees would.  So now, we just have to decide:  linoleum now with high-quality tile later or low- to mid-grade tile now?  More things to ponder…