Revamped Storage

I know storage rooms are not very exciting or “blog-worthy” but that’s what we are talking about today.  The house has an over-sized storage room in the basement.  It’s about the size of a small bedroom but without a window it can’t technically (or safely) be a bedroom.  The previous owners had it set-up to be a storage room and we’re planning on keeping it as such as well.  For now.

Originally the whole house was getting a repaint.  Then we actually set the budget and listed out everything and decided the basement was in good enough condition that it could wait until later.  The storage at least needed some new shelves, though.  The existing wood shelves were only about 6″ deep, which isn’t really that great for storage.  Do you have storage boxes or totes that are only 6″ deep?  Doubtful.  The walls are also dirty and gross with I’m-not-sure-what so I definitely want it cleaned.

Saturday morning was spent taking down all the shelves and brackets.  It was tedious work made more tedious by the number of different screws used.  And spider-y.  Unfortunately, once all the shelves were gone I couldn’t get the walls cleaned.  Looks like we’ll be painting a storage room.  Seems kinda like a waste but it also seems worth it to start fresh before all the spiders move back in.  I’m thinking we just pick up a couple cans of returned/rejected paint in a white or off-white color.  Anyone know of a good place to get discounted, reject paint?

Sans Shelves: