Basement Lighting

The basement is mostly going untouched during this current phase of remodel.  However, the recessed lights needed to be addressed.  As you can see below, the fixtures had no trim and even though the switch was dimmable the compact florescent bulbs were not.  Total waste of dimability (that’s a word, right?).  Plus, if the switch wasn’t fully on the lights buzzed trying to dim.

We found these lovely little LED trim kits at Home Depot (not that exact kit but pretty close).  They are wonderful!  So simple to install.

  1. Unscrew the bulb
  2. Screw in the LED adapter piece
  3. Pinch the springs in and slide into the little hooks in the recessed light
  4. Push into place, flush against the ceiling
  5. Done! Enjoy clean trim and LED lighting.

Just ignore the two-tone ceiling and enjoy those brand new lights. 🙂