Paint Transformation

This weekend was all about the paint.


Saturday began with a morning run to Home Depot for 5 gallons of ceiling paint (Ultra Pure White flat), 7 gallons of bedroom paints, and painting supplies.  My sister and I got a head start, completing one coat on the ceiling and in the closet of miss L’s room.  Break for lunch which J and his mom brought over at just the right time.  Then we busted it out in teams of two: J and his mom, me and my sister.  Little L had a great time hanging out in the master bedroom watching everyone paint.  She was much happier roaming free rather than in her playpen.

The difference that a little white paint can do!  Fresh, white closets look amazing.  The closets were probably the biggest pain to paint – all those corners and crawling up to get the top shelf.  But totally worth it.  Seriously, I recommend it to all of you: paint your closets.

I think the biggest transformation on Saturday was the kids’ bath ceiling.  Here’s a “during” picture.  You can really see the grey, half-painted ceiling as compared to the fresh, bright white ceiling.

Kids’ Bath Ceiling

All in all, we painted little L’s ceiling and closet, the second bedroom ceiling and closet, the kids’ bath ceiling and linen closet, the master bedroom ceiling and closet, the master bath ceiling, and the hallway ceiling.  And there was only one extra run to Home Depot for another 5 gallons of ceiling paint.  It was a very long day and no one died from the paint fumes so that’s good.


Sunday morning everyone slept-in.  For J and I that meant 7:30am because miss L doesn’t really sleep-in.  J’s mom met us at the house a couple hours later and we started in on painting the walls.  Judgement day.  Hopefully we chose (paint colors) wisely.  Cutting in brings out the perfectionist in me.  But at some point you have to admit it’s “good enough” because the walls and ceiling are not perfectly straight.  As long as it looks good from the floor, it doesn’t need to look good up on a ladder 3 inches from the wall.

J, his mom, and I were able to get a first coat on L’s room and the second bedroom before lunch.  Another run to Home Depot for more rollers as we decided to have dedicated rollers for each room/paint color so we didn’t have to wash rollers between each room.  Just slid them into gallon-sized ziplock bags to keep them from drying out and move on to the next room/color.  During lunch my sister arrived to help.  The Dream Team was reunited for another day!

Again teams of two and we busted out the master bed first and second coats, the second coats on L’s room and the second bedroom.  Miss L wasn’t allowed to roam completely free today since she was tempted to touch the freshly-painted walls.  So when she was awake someone was on duty to watch her.  I have to admit, I failed when it was my turn.  L and I were watching the neighbor’s guests come and go from the master window when J pointed out that L had leaned against the wall to press her face against the window.  Oops!  I leaned forward at that moment too and left a little hand print but poor L pushed her whole toddler tummy against the wall.  So she now has an official paint shirt like us adults.  L’s first paint shirt!

The verdict.  I absolutely LOVE the master bedroom paint color.  It turned out perfect:  warm, colorful, darker, and not too feminine.  Little L’s room may be too much color.  I’m thinking with all the finishes, furniture, and decor it won’t seem so in-your-face-BAM-purple.  The second bedroom is my second favorite after the master. It’s brightened up the room and it a great mix of color pop but not too intense.

The Grand Reveal

L’s Room, in-your-face-BAM-purple aka Evening Slipper (Behr)
Before & After


Second Bedroom, Wintergreen Dream (Behr)
Before & After
The two bright Bedrooms as seen from the Hallway
Master, Heather Sachet (Behr)
Before & After

Overall, it was a very productive weekend.  And it’s true what they say:  fresh paint does wonders!  It’s starting to feel like our home now, with the colors and touches that we want.

All that remains for the upper floor:  paint bathrooms, tile bathroom floors, base & case, carpet.  The List is getting smaller, step-by-step.


Before & After: Entryway

All the walls are gone!  We’ve completely opened up the entryway and it looks freaking amazing.  I was concerned about it looking too open and compromising the flow of the rooms as being separate rooms.  But after removing the entryway closet and taking the drywall all the way back, it was obvious that our original plan of taking it all out was really the best plan.  I love Before & After pictures so enjoy!  Here’s a sampling of what it looks like.   Since it’s a small area it is kind of hard to capture in pictures but we’ve tried our best.  All that’s left is to put the place back together:  drywall, flooring, paint, and other finishes.

From Above


From the Dining Room


From the Living Room

My apologies that this picture is backward (after then before, I use Google Photos and there is not currently a control to order collages, ugh).20170620_102744-COLLAGE

With that last stair completely exposed we’ve now got the option to replace with a more decorative, larger stair.  So we’ll keep than an option as we move forward with finishing the entryway.  Let us know what you think!

Manic Mondays

What to do when your boss tells you to go home early due to the Holiday?  Go to work on the house, of course!  J got a jump start on the kitchen cabinets before I came over to join him.  We now have drawer fronts done and the back of the upper doors done.  Check and check!  He also pulled out the old washer and dryer.  We going to try to sell them if anyone is interested.  But the main event of the night … drum roll, please … the closet is gone!

How To: remove a coat closet

The actual process of taking it out was fairly easy.  We took out the closet parts:  the door, the rod, the shelf.


Then we went after the dry wall.  My first time attacking dry wall and it was fairly fun.  J has a rather humorous video of me trying to kick my way through.  Turns out I’m not a martial arts expert – who knew, right?  With dry wall done we unbolted the upper railing.  We originally tried to get it down around the handrails but that didn’t work so we removed the lower railing.  Still wouldn’t fit so J held it from above and handed it down to me over the closet.  We’re also thinking of selling the railings if anyone is interested.  Sure they’re green but wrought iron so still a good product.


J then cut the supports and little by little tore it apart.  It was a bit of a messy process but clean up wasn’t bad – just took everything out to the trash pile and then swept up all the meandering dry wall dust.

And dun, duh, duh-duh!  All the way gone:


Let’s take a moment of silence for the “diving board” part of the closet (the upper landing).

And we’re back. The entryway looks more than twice as big.  It’s open and you can really appreciate the high ceilings.  Even though it looks great now it’s going to look even better – if that’s at all possible!  J wants to cut back the wall to the living room and put in balusters so you can look into the living room.  We’re also going to cut back the doorway into the dining room by about one foot or so.


Before & Afters