Yard Work Saturday

Disclaimer: this is a pic heavy post.  For better or worse.

With the interior work in a slight lull and with J’s mom offering to come help with yard work, we spend most of today working on the exterior of the house.  Most areas weren’t terrible, just overgrown.  But, goodness, just getting rid of the overgrowth made a huge difference.

front view
Before Yard Work
After Yard Work

I stayed home with little L until after morning nap.  When we arrived I saw this beautiful sight:


All the overgrown grass and bushes were removed.  I don’t have a before pic, but it was essentially covered in 3-foot tall wild grass and shrubs.  As you can see, there are now some exposed rocks.  A fun accent rock and kinda random edging rocks.  There were also some extra rocks which were salvaged to fill-in the parking strip.  For some reason, there was a small section of parking strip that was at one point bark but now just dirt.  So J and his mom used the newly-unearthed rocks to fill in this section so now it’s all rock not half-rock/half-dirt.  Ta da!  And now matches the other area that I had already weeded (and have since been routinely killing weeds because I am not weeding it again!).


We also weeded the front flower beds.  With the weeds and random plants removed it’s bare but better – minimalist instead of neglected.  We will eventually fill it in with a nice landscaped, colorful collection of flowers.


The area in front of the living room window received the same treatment.  Instead of random growth it’s trimmed back and minimalist.  We also took out a couple smaller aspens that were growing too close to the house.  Another great find!  J’s mom was creating an edging, digging out the lawn that had grown into the bed and actually found some pavers under a couple inches of soil.  Again, this house is just full of finds.  Free pavers!  But more “Why?”  Why are the pavers under the soil?  Whatever the reasons, they were put to good use.  It looks great!


One last project to report.  Windowells.  What a pain.  Here’s a great before shot.  They were full of random stuff, trash, leaves, and – I swear – each window had a ball.

I jumped into the first well and it stunk terribly.  Rotting greenwaste and trash.  So I jumped right out and switched to raking out the trash, leaves, and sticks.  I also re-purposed the rocks for the parking strip.  One well is full of dirt and needs to be dug back down.  The dirt is level with the window – if you were to open the basement window I’m pretty sure some dirt would fall into the house.  That’s a project for another time.  At least today they are clean.

That’s all for yard work Saturday!


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