Sand, Sand, and more Sand

The. Kitchen. Cabinet. Prep. Is. Done!

I repeat: the kitchen cabinets are completely stripped and sanded.  It was a ridiculous amount of work – never to be repeated by this lady – full of blood, sweat, and tears.

There is absolutely no way J and I would have been able to get through it all so quickly without the help and support of his mom.  She spent a good chunk of her weekend with us on multiple occasions now.  When she’s not actively helping with the work she’s watching after little L so J and I can keep busting it out.  She lent us her sander and then bought a second so we could have two people sanding at the same time.  Simply put, we couldn’t have done it without her. Thank you!

In case you don’t remember the cabinet stripping stage, check out this earlier post.  There was so much more stripping and re-stripping.  J took on the task of stripping the cabinet boxes.  He ran out of stripper so I bought a tiny little spray can for the last section.  Then, on Thursday, he realized we forgot the backs of the lower doors.  So back to The Home Depot (literally, our second home at this point) for more stripper.  Back of the lower doors and some touch ups here and there … and … stripping was done!

On to scraping.  The stripper left some goopy glops which we waited to dry then scraped off.  It was detail work but kind of cathartic to scratch off glops of black goo.  Like peeling glue of your hand as a kid.

Then sanding.  I hate sanding.  J laughs because I volunteered to sand one evening after work even though I hate sanding.  And then came home angry about having to sand.  But seriously, it’s the worst.  We sanded everything down to the grain.  I thought for sure we were over sanding but J and his mom agreed that down to the grain would be best.  And damn! Did those cabinets look good!  Good enough to stain.  And then a little touch of a finish sanding to get it all super smooth.

It was hard, hard work.  Took days and days.  The priceless help of J’s mom. And endless sandpaper.

Feast your eyes upon these beauties!!


Just to remind you, they used to look like this:


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